Garden Landscaping - Planting

If you have recently invested a lot of time and money in your garden, maybe you have upgraded your fencing, installed new decking or had a new patio area constructed, maybe the next job on your listing is the planting. If so, do you have the correct knowledge and know how to choose the best type of flower or shrubs?

If you have previously spend time and money getting your garden just how you want it, plants and flowers in full bloom, it looks great and then suddenly there is a down pour of rain, or some bad weather and then all your hard work and effort is destroyed. Maybe your planting looked great for the first year however the following year it really paled in comparison. If so, then you will know first hand just how frustrating and disheartening this can be. However, this can usually be avoided if you have knowledge of what plants and flowers are the best for your particular garden and soil.

One way to avoid the above happening is to employ the services of a local landscape gardener who offer planting schemes. Maybe you have dry soil, your soil has a lot of clay or your garden may be is quite shaded. Whatever your particular situation they will be able to recommend plants, shrubs, or even vegetables that will thrive best in your particular garden/soil. Allowing your garden to look beautiful year after year.

Maybe you aim is to create a theme, maybe you want to layer and have a graduated look, they will be able to help you achieve the exact look you want.

Of course as mentioned above it's not just plants and shrubs, maybe you would love to grow your own fruit and vegetables, maybe you have already tried and failed, getting the right advise up front can normally save you a lot of time, hard work and money.

Many people will admit that they don't have the knowledge but would rather give it a try then pay someone else to do it for them.This can however turn out to be fault economy, if you're lucky and your efforts work, then great, however more often than not this is not the case and you end up calling in the skills of a qualified landscape gardener, meaning your effort to try and save money, ends up costing you more in the end.

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